Refectory steaks

Refectory steaks

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Refectory steaks

With some new steaks hitting our menu, we caught up with Executive Chef Jason Wardill to find out more about them.

Using meat from R&J Butchers’ Waterford Farm in North Yorkshire, we’re now serving hanger, rump and sirloin steaks alongside triple-cooked chips with a choice of sauces.

Hanger, also known as onglet, comes from the diaphragm of the cow, giving it a rich, offal-like flavour. Butchers would often keep this steak back for themselves, because it was so delicious. “For me, it’s hands-down my favourite cut” says Jason, “the flavour is absolutely brilliant. The key is not to serve it any more than medium rare though, as otherwise it’ll become too chewy.”

The rump has a great balance between flavour and tenderness, coming from the rear of the cow and is slightly leaner due to it being a hardworking muscle. “R&J have a great aging process – at least 30 days in a room built from Himalayan salt blocks, and this makes a real difference to the tenderness of the meat.”

“Sirloin is our most popular steak on the menu and is the most tender of the three cuts”. Sitting just above the fillet on the cow, the sirloin is a less hardworking muscle that the rump, so it’s well-marbled with fat.

Now that we’ve found out a bit more about the cuts on offer, Jason has given us his top tips on how to cook them.

How to cook the perfect steak

Take your steak out of the fridge at least two hours in advance and ensure it’s completely dry
Season with sea salt and pepper
Get your pan smoking hot and sear on both sides
Turn the pan down and then cook for:
– Hanger 7 minutes (medium rare)
– Rump/sirloin: 6 minutes (medium rare), 8 minutes (medium), 10 minutes (medium well)
Turn often to ensure you don’t burn the steak, then rest on a warm plate for at least 10 minutes