Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb...and gin

Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb…and gin

In which we visit a distiller and mixologist, to sample their wares.

On a chilly, yet fine and sunny morning last week, we set out to meet with our friendly gin-makers at Slingsby to find out just what makes their concoction quite so appealing. Their home is the Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate, a short train ride from our York base.

Bar team Harrogate

What a beautiful town Harrogate is!

Harrogate’s motto is Arx celebris fontibus, which translates as “a citadel famous for its springs” and rightly so, as for centuries the naturally mineral-rich waters that rise up to the wells dotted around the town, have been sought out by those requiring rejuvenation and sustenance.

This water, along with a selection of carefully blended local and international botanicals, and the process of distillation, gives Slingsby gin its uniquely lively, citric and fruity flavour.


It blends very nicely with Fever Tree tonic, as well as with rhubarb. Slingsby even went so far as to produce their very own rhubarb gin! We found the flavour quite delightful, and can tell you for nothing that it marries very nicely in a g&t with a slice of pink grapefruit, taken in Chapter House bar, of course.


Being as close as Harrogate is to the famed “Rhubarb Triangle” of West Yorkshire, it would be rude not to try a few blends.


So under the guidance of Slingsby’s own mixologist: the fiercely knowledgeable Alex Hanson, our expert resident bartenders got to work on mixing rhubarb martinis, rhubarb gin fizz, and even a rhubarb gin mojito. Fabulous work if we do say so ourselves.


If you are visiting Harrogate, why not stop in at Slingsby to say hi and discover for yourself just how delightful their product range really is? You won’t be disappointed. Or for those of you visiting York and wishing to sample Slingsby, drop in a Chapter House and let us mix you a special something.